What Makes ImageKit Different?

ImageKit: The Wold's Highest Quality Royalty Free Professional Image Collection for Graphic, Design, and Multimedia Professionals.

There are 1597 images in ImageKit. The SecreeRez version contains all of the images on one CD-ROM disc which comes with an instruction booklet and thumbnails. ImageKit contains the same images in high resolution and is made up of 10 CD-ROMs in a handsome plastic case with the booklet. Each product comes equipped with a very sophisticated, yet easy to use search engine which allows you to search for a certain type of image, or to specify an idea for which images will be retrieved and presented to you.

ImageKit is a dream come true for graphic artists, art directors (for comping), press and pre-press professionals, and multimedia designers and producers. As our customers testify, every Art Department, Ad Agency, Publisher, Print Shop, Graphic Artist, and Mutimedia developer will find this product a godsent.

With ImageKit on hand, you will truely save thousands of dollars each time you save the cost of a photo shoot; or each time you quickly find what you need ready to use. Each image is carefully created, digitized, color corrected, retouched, and, as in the case of Objects and People discs, masked for quick utilization.

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