Our Customers' comments

We compete with the largest companies in the digital image business. Why are we still in business in spite of being a small company competing with the giants?

Because our customers, who are the leaders in their industries, are satisfied with and love our products, period!
Please take a moment to read their comments below.

"The ImageKit has been an invaluable resource for us. It's both well designed and easy to use. I can't wait for the next installments."
- Brian Fox, President, B.D. Fox & Friends, Inc. Santa Monica, California

"Brilliant! finally an image library designed specifically for digital artists by digital artists and not a stock house."
-Peter Galperin, President, Galperin Design, New York

"ImageKit is an awesome resource of photography and illustrations. Every image is magnificent. I highly recommend it to anyone working professionally in print or multimedia."
-Paul Hoegh-Guldberg, Director, Red Square Interactive, Sidney, Australia.

"I was one of the lucky few to demo the ImageKit. After spending hundreds of thousand dollars on stock photography over the course of twenty years in the advertising industry, I truly look forward to working with ImageKit and saving some serious dollars."
-John Nakama, President, Cornerstone Studios, Hollywood, California.

"ImageKit is a great product because of its easy access to a multitude of diversified imagery. The cross-referencing is wonderful. I really like that the "universal usage fees" are actually tied into the purchase price."
-Tracy Weston, Senior Art Director, 5555 Communications, Paramount Pictures, Hollywood, California.

"It is always good to have an image resource that's complete, convenient, and readily available. I can depend on ImageKit."
-Rod Dyer, Chairman, Dyer/Muchnick Group, Los Angeles.

"ImageKit is on target with superior content and structure. It provides real solutions for a digital revolution... and makes it easy for me to wip out killer presentations - the kind I used to pay for!"
-Glenn Bulycz, Senior Systems Engineer, Apple Computer.

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