What makes ImageKit Different?

ImageKit: The World's Highest Quality Royalty Free Professional Image Collection for Graphic, Design, and Multimedia Professionals.

Imagekit is indeed quite different from any other digital photo collection. How is it Different?

1) ImageKit is not a random, homogeneous stock photography scanned by a stock house. You won't see a baby with a ball or man in a business suit and briefcase, sprinting a lap track. ImageKit files were chosen then organized for the professional digital artist's everyday needs. The photographs were picked (or specifically shot) for their independent value as Elements for inclusion in the artist's final vision. The producers of ImageKit know the the artist is going to take a hill from one shot and throw it together with a sky from another shot. In addition, many photographs such as the flames and flowers were shot against a black background for fast clipping. Objects and people were shot utilizing Ultimate Blue Screen technology, then extracted in Photoshop and mask files were created.

2) ImageKit has 310 corresponding Object and People mask files and 250 original digital illustrations.

3) ImageKit was designed as a personal library. It's a 10 CD self-contained "kit" that eliminates the loose disc, "where's that image" syndrome. ImageKit is a fast resource tool created for digital artists by digital artists. That means that everything from "industry" keyword terms, professional image numbering systems and even separate cross-referenced index disc were issues specifically addressed by the ImageKit artists and implemented to suit the needs of their peers.

4) Every single scan's edges were cropped. Hair and dirt was removed from each scan. The images were color corrected for RGB (true screen color) because the producers of ImageKit know that imaging professionals will composite on screen and trust few to do their final CMYK color conversions. The files are PICT to accommodate the widest range of software applications.

5) ImageKit comes in a cool, 10 CD case. The case is made for the computer, not your stereo... It's even the same color as a computer.

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