ImageKitô 10 CD Royalty-Free, High-Resolution Professional Quality Digital Image Library

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ImageKit is the ultimate 10 CD collection of royalty-free, high-resolution digital illustrations and photography. Itís more than mere stock. Itís a resource, a complete, cross-referenced set of images and keywords. A collection of the most widely used types of imagery in the world -- the basics for composing art and creating stock shots.

ImageKit was created by digital artists for digital artists, so all of its over 1500 photographs and illustrations were chosen specifically for their value as elements. In addition to the hundreds of professionally-shot images of skies, water, earth, foliage, cities and more, ImageKit offers 250 original digital illustrations along with people and object images that include 310 corresponding mask files. The collection is housed in an easy-to-use browser software and has over 20,000 cross-referenced keywords. This allows quick image retrieval and enhances productivity.

These 24-bit, RGB PICT files are completely royalty-free with no hidden fees or upgrade costs. They can even be used in product packaging and in retail products.


· Over 1500 royalty-free photographs, illustrations and mask files, almost 20 gigabytes of digital imagery, ideal for print and multimedia uses
· Content chosen and organized by image elements, created for digital artists by digital artists
· Over 20,000 keywords, cross-referenced in Fetch browser software for instant image access
· Images grouped into 9 categories: illustrations, skies, water, earth, foliage, cities, objects, people and misc
· Each scanís edges were cropped and the image meticulously cleaned up and color corrected for instant usability
· People and Object images have corresponding mask files
· Images range up to 40 MB, 4000 x 3000 pixels at 300 dpi and average 3000 x 2000 pixels at 300 dpi
· Packaged in modular storage case with full-color thumbnail catalogue of all images.

Age: Professional
Category: Graphics/Image Library
Price: US$ 1,295.00
MAC UPC: 7 85471 04 133 1
ISBN: 1-885784-33-3
Part No. 1331

Minimum Requirements: MAC, Power PC or higher: System 6.07 or better, 4MB memory, CD-Rom drive, color monitor

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